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The southern part of India, apart from having a resplendent culture, also boasts of various spices and occupies a distinct place in the culinary map of the country. For years it has exported spices to various parts of India as well as beyond its borders. The foreign forces that had invaded India in the past were known to be lured by the wide range of spices the South had to offer.

The new Southern Spice food festival at the Sonargaon at Taj Bengal promises to be a treat for the taste buds. The menu has been specially designed by the restaurant’s chefs. They have put together a unique compilation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies after extensive research in the interiors of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In the process they have also acquired knowledge, cooking techniques, compiling family recipes and traditional banana leaf fare. The Taj Coromandel brings this remarkable experience and craft of Southern Spice to the Sonargaon.


The spread opens with exciting starters like Denji Rawa Fry (semolina crusted soft shell crab), Kozhikodan Chemeen Fry (prawns tossed with dried shrimp powder and coriander) and Scallops Sukka (scallops tossed dry with bedki chilly and shredded coconut). All-time favorites such as Allepey Fish Curry and Kori Gassi remain for all Southern Spice loyalists.

Other specialties include dishes from Tamil Brahmin cuisine like Thenganikaai Annam (coconut flavored fragrant pilaf) and Karuvepilai Saadam (rice tossed with pounded curry leaves and lentil) served with traditional accompaniments. While maintaining its obsession with the authentic, the menu also has a modern touch. Chops Kari Varuval (Flavoured New Zealand lamb chops, coated with egg) andTenderloin Kurmilagittadhu (tenderloin picattas tossed with curry leaves and black pepper) will entice meat lovers.


For vegetarians, the spread has interesting combinations like Vazhapoo Aamavadai (crisp gallettes of banana blossom and lentils), and Injipuli Koshambri (tempered moong bean with mesculan and ginger-tamarind yogurt quenelle) to name a few. Guests can also savor a tempting range of biryanis that are unique to each region like the Malabar coast, the Bejawada kingdom, Madurai and Karikuddi.

A medley of desserts like Chocolate Puranam Mousse (chocolate mousse filled with coconut, lentil and jaggery mix), and the chef’s creation – Millagu Elakai Ice Cream (black pepper and cardamom ice cream, a Southern Spice specialty) are also available. Elaneer Payasam (chilled tender coconut pudding) is a signature dessert will also be available.

The menu also offers wines paired with different flavors of South Indian cuisine.


The Southern Spices food festival will be hosted at the Sonargaon for Lunch (12.30 pm to 2.30 pm) and Dinner (7.30 pm to 11.30 pm) from June 24, 2016 to July 3, 2016.

Ala –Karte (Non Vegetarian) will cost Rs 3500 plus taxes while the vegetarian meal will cost Rs 3000 Plus taxes (Cost for two). The Non Vegetarian thali is priced at Rs 2400 Plus taxes and the vegetarian thali will cost Rs 2200 Plus taxes. Sea-Food Thali is priced at Rs 2800 Plus taxes.

Hop in to Sonargaon and give your taste buds a fresh lease of Southern spice taste!!

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