Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Next Film Manikanchana Marks Singer Rupankar’s Debut As An Actor



The next Zee Bangla Cinema Originals film is Manikanchana. The story of Manikanchana is about Roop a young guy from a well to do joint family who gets married to a sweet and homely girl Mani. This is a decision taken in a haste due to his family pressures. His accidental marriage soon turns out into hell when Roop gets puzzled by the weird and unpredictable behavior of Mani, who remains untraceable frequently without any whereabouts.


Confusion gets stronger when Roop accidentally discovers Mani’s lookalike, a girl named Kanchana, whose bold personality is in complete contrast with the soft and gentle personality of his wife Mani. Problem arises when a police inspector knocks at Roops house investigating a murder case apparently committed by a girl named Kanchana, the same lookalike girl of Mani.  Roop tries to make the inspector understand that his wife is innocent and is just a lookalike of the suspected murderer. What will Roop do now? Will he be able to save his beloved wife from the mental disorder and most importantly from the impending murder trial?


Rupankar Bagchi, has long entertained us with his deep soul-full voice that magically pulls at our heartstrings. But for the first time ever, the audiences are about to see him wear a completely different hat all together. He is the narrator of the film and plays the intriguing character of an Inspector named Jatin Samonto. His deadpan face with piercing eyes and mysterious smile, casual attitude, and most importantly, the voice made him a perfect for the role.

Watch out for ‘Manikanchana’ only on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals on 10th July at 9 PM Sunday.

Priyanka Dutta

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