Interview: Bollywood Actor Gajendra Chauhan on Becoming Dr.Shyamaprasad Mukherjee for Milan Bhowmik’s Film Danga



A semi-bald man in white dhoti and Punjabi was walking down the stairs as Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent waited for an interview with ace actor Gajendra Chauhan. Little did the interviewer realize that this semi bald individual is the actor himself!! The makeup was so good that one had to look twice or maybe thrice to actually know that it is the actor. Here is what the actor had to say after the initial surprise wore off from our interviewer. Read on…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You look so much like Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee. I could not actually recognize you.

Gajendra Chauhan- (smiles) The hard work is paying off then. If you can be convinced that I am Dr. Mukherjee, then the audiences will also be similarly convinced too.


How did you bag the role?

Gajendra Chauhan- Director Milan Bhowmik was looking for actors for the role. However he could not find one suitable for the role. This was even before I was made the Chairman of FTII. He asked me to play this role. But I was skeptical whether I will fit the bill or not.

So how did he convince you to play this character?

Gajendra Chauhan- Well, due to my skepticism, a look test was being conducted. The look test gave me the confidence that I will be able to pull off the character. And hence I started with this film.


Since the film is being shot in Bengali (and Hindi too), did you have problem with the language?

Gajendra Chauhan- As an actor, I have always believed that language should not be a barrier. I have done films in other languages too like Malayalam, Assamese and so on. I am getting ample help in speaking Bengali. Moreover dubbing will be done later on too.

How did you do the research for getting in the shoes of Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee?

Gajendra Chauhan- I went to his house and did some research on him. I saw his pictures to understand his postures well. A funny thing happened during our shooting in Medinipur. The manager of the hotel had come to call me as the shot was ready. However he found me in dhoti and Punjabi and it made him realize that I was not the actor Gajendra Chauhan. When he asked where the actor was I said he was in the bathroom. And he actually waited. I was so happy that I could actually carry this off.


You have done a Bengali film before, the name of which is Durga. How was the experience of shooting for this film?

Gajendra Chauhan- I am having a great time shooting this film. The people of Kolkata are good hearted people who are also art lovers and religious. I have been to the city during Durga Pujas. And look at the contribution of Bengalis in Bollywood. It is huge. There are so many actors, directors, singers who are Bengalis. I am actually glad that I am part of this film made on such an eminent personality. It is sad that no one before had made any film on him.

The call for his next shot came and we had to end the interview!! We wish he makes a mark with his portrayal of Dr. Shayamaprasad Mukherjee as he did years ago in portraying Yudhisthir in the TV series Mahabharat.



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