Shooting of Upcoming Bengali Film Dristikon Continues


Upcoming Bengali-film

Upcoming Bengali film Dristikon directed by Malay is being shot in different parts of the city. The Subha Mahurat of the film took place recently in the presence of the director and cast of the film.


The story of Dristikon focuses on the position of women in today’s society. Many of us claim that men and women have equal status in the society. But in reality is that so? A child named Rik is kidnapped. A ransom of fifty lakh rupees is demanded from Rik’s family. But they do not have the financial status to pay such a hefty sum. Rahul, Rik’s father asks for the amount from his boss, Simrone. She decides to give the money on one condition. He will have to spend a night with her. He agrees and spends the night. Then he rescues Rik with the money. Simrone meanwhile tells his wife about Rahul staying the night with her. His wife leaves the house. What happens next?


Soumitra Chatterjee, Abhishek Chatterjee, Meghna Halder, Bony Debraj, Chinmoy Roy, Romen Roy Chowdhury, Soma Chakraboty and others will be seen in pivotal roles in the film. The story and script is by Arup Zaigirdar and the DOP is Sidhartho Dey.

The film is slated for release soon.

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