Bakstage’s Sufi Stories Lebanese Menu; Treat for the Food Lovers of Kolkata



Bakstage’s lip smacking Sufi Stories food and drinks menu was available all day at the restro pub till 24th July 2016. Along with the mesmerizing Sufi music that played at the pub all week, one could taste the mouthwatering authentic Lebanese cuisine for a whole different experience!


Sufi Stories menu (Lebanese) consisted of Middle Eastern kibbe with chicken and lamb, Kausa mahshi veg/nonveg, Shishtouk veg /non-veg, Sumac chicken wings with lemon and coriander and Mediterranean fish & couscous, Chicken shawarma, Moutabel, Tabbouleh, Muhammara, Rustic hummus with cumin and pine nuts, Turkish pizza, Paneer arayes and Shrimp /chicken/lamb arayes.


Dessert consists of Turkish baklava with choice of side sauce in chocolate/caramel/vanilla cream.

Sufi Night cocktails are also available namely AL-KHAWWĀR (the Faint One), ĀKHIR AN-NAHR (End of the river) and RĀQIS (the Dancer).  Sufi Night Mocktails include Al-Muz Bonkers, Designated Al-Tofah and Al-Batekh with Soda.

Sufi Nights at Bakstage was full of great music and delicious food!!

Priyanka Dutta

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