Savor Delicious Hilsa Recipes at De Sovrani’s Dhakar Swade Ilishh Patey Festival


Video: Hilsa festival at Sand, Hotel De Sovrani

The monsoons are never complete without Hilsa. Bengalis and their love for Hilsa are known to everyone. Catering to this undying love of the Bengalis for Hilsa, Sand restaurant of Hotel De Sovrani has come up with the Dhakar Swade Ilishh Patey food festival.


The Hilsa festival has some of the best authentic dishes just for the food loving patrons. Not much experimentation has been done this time and the Chefs has stuck to the authentic Bengali Hilsa dishes.

Some of the dihes available at this year’s festival include Lotika Ilish, Kancha Lonka Dhone Pata Bata Bhape Ilish, Kalo Jeera Kancha Lonka Diye Ilish, Ilish er Muo Diye Ghanto, Ilish er Kofta Pulao, Ilish Biryani, Dhakai Ilish Bhapa, Ilish Paturi, Ilish e Korma, Gandhoraj Ilish, Kochu Saag Diye Ilish, Tele Begune Ilish and others.


Each of the preparations is served with pre-plated with steamed rice, vegetable fries, dal and a dessert. This has been done so that the patrons can have a complete meal.


The pocket pinch for two is Rs 1500 plus taxes. The timings for lunch are from 12 noon to 3pm and dinner will be served between 7pm to 10.30pm.

The festival which stated from the 5th of August will continue till 14th August at Sand, Hotel De Sovrani.

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