Comic Science Fiction Kach-chu, Bibi and Twing Presented by Moubani Sorcar on Stage


Video: Kach-chu, Bibi and Twing Presented by Moubani Sorcar

“Kach-chu, Bibi and Twing” conceptualized and written by P.C. SORCAR (junior) in the year 1996, is a series based on comic-science fiction. Moubani Sorcar his daughter has translated this fiction series into English and performed it on stage.


Moubani herself is an Odissi dancer and has a school called Pratibha. The students of this school performed theatrical acting, Classical and Contemporary dance with Magic.  Tollywood actor Pratik also performed in this fantasy drama. The CD release of Kach-Chu, Bibi & Twing also took place at the event.


The play involves Kach-chu who is preparing for his Madhyamik examinations and Bibi, a student of class four who will be meeting a very special guest in their ancestral house. They do not know where this person comes from. At first they suspect him to be a thief but later on they find out that he is a man from the future who has travelled through space and time. Due to a technical glitch he has come from 9661 A.D. to 1996 A.D. to meet them by mistake. But mistakes like this do not happen often and Kach-chu, Bibi who are from a family of scientists take interest in this new friend who they find out is known as Twing. Twing entertains them extensively with funny gadgets of his time, and they soon become friends. This accidental meeting cannot last forever. Twing leaves. The brother and sister realise that they have been the witness of an extraordinary phenomenon and try to convince everyone at home but all in vain.

The one hour and forty five minutes drama kept the audience mesmerized and glued to their seats.

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