Colors Bangla Mahalaya Special Episode Marks the Beginning of the Upcoming Durga Puja



Mahalaya marks the start of the ‘Devipaksha’ and the end of the ‘Pitri-paksha’. The enchanting voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra fills up the predawn hours of the day thus marking the beginning of “Devipaksha” and the beginning of the count-down to Durga Puja.

The first program of Colors Bangla on this auspicious day will be a Mahalaya program called “Durgadurgotinashini” featuring Payel De (as Maa Durga) and Rudrajit (as Shiva) and the second one will be an animated movie. Sudip Mukherjee will be playing the role of Mahishashur. Some key artists who will also be a part of the show are Prity Biswas, Priya Paul, Shreyoshi, Debottama (from E Amar Gurudakshina), Tonni Laha Roy (from Benebou), Chandni Saha (from Benebou), Adrija and others.


Speaking about her role, Payel De said “I used to learn creative dance and every dancer hopes to act as Maa Durga once in their life. The fun part is this is the only time that I perform in the year. I have seen many other actresses like Indrani di, Sanjukta di perform as Devi Durga. I will listen to the Mahalaya like every other year and also look at the programs that will be aired on different channels on this day”. The actress is currently in love with silver jewelry. Her fashion for the Puja will include palazzos, kurtis and lots of silver junk jewelry. When asked what she will do if she had the power to curb some evil from our society, she said “The people who spread negativity must be stopped by us all. That will bring peace in the society”.

The story of Mahishashurmordini will be narrated through a fictionalized story of a family. The Roychowdhurys have been zamindars and are patrons of the Local Durga Pujo for years. Their children fail to come over during the pujo and executing the pujo without anyone’s help becomes very difficult for them. They decide that this would be the last year of the pujo. In the meanwhile a girl comes at their doorsteps and miracle starts to happen in the Rowchowdhury house. All hindrances that are created in the path of the Pujo are demolished miraculously. Protima Roychowdhury the mother of house feels that this young wanderer was like a divine charm in her house. In her sleep Protima sees that Jaya is nothing but the avatar of Ma Durga who has come to her house to settle all the unrest and do away with any misery.


Sudip Mukherjee who will be playing the role of Mahishashur said “I have played the role of Mahishashur before also and I am enjoying this role. I have played the role of Ravaan too once. The costume that I have worn here is very comfortable and the oxidized jewelry is extremely well made”. The actor’s fondest memories of Mahalaya were when he went to his aunt’s house which is located at a relatively remote area. There he found Mahalaya playing at a person’s house. As a result he did not miss the Mahalaya much. The actor when asked about what evils he wanted to eradicate from the society, mentioned that rapists and cheaters must be eradicated.

The second show “Ganudada r Dugga Puja” will be an animated movie directed by Arijit Bhadra from Animatrix Multimedia. The hero of our story is Ganesh. He is the God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. This is a story of young boy named Jojo who is 10 years old. He is very fond of Lord Ganesha and he worships him. What happens next is quite funny and interesting. The voiceover has been done by Papiya Chakroborty (Ganesh), Naren Bhattacharya (Shiv), Rupam Dasgupta (Jojo’s father). The story will be told in a simple narrative to connect kids to the traditional values and systems.

The first program will air at 5 am and the second one will air at 7.30 am only on Colors Bangla on 30th September.

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