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“PINK should have been made ten years ago but there is an element called destiny. It was destined that it will be made now. And lo!! It was made. But the fact is it has been made and a step has been taken in the direction, which is important. That must be appreciated” said Amitabh Bachchan at the press conference of the Bollywood film PINK. Big B was in Kolkata along with co-actors Taapsee Pannu, Angad Bedi, creative producer Shoojit Sircar and director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.


“The color Pink ironically has always been associated with girls. Girl’s dresses must be pink while that of /boys must be blue. Who has laid down the rules for this thing? Next when a girl is growing up, she will be given miniature cooking utensils and the boys will be given cars and guns to play with. The discrimination starts in our society very early. But a woman can ride horses or even drive fast cars. Even the women athletes have performed so brilliantly and also better than the male athletes at Rio Olympics and also at the Paralympics” said Big B.


He also said “There are things changing and many more shackles will be broken from one generation to another. When I used to act earlier, the number of women on the sets was limited only to the heroine. She was accompanied by her mother or the chaperone. But now 75 percent of the workforce on a film’s set are women!! Young girls are taking care of all departments that were earlier handled exclusively by men. Even influential leaders in our country today are women like Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalitha. PINK cannot be described therefore. ‘No’ has also found acceptance among the audience. It is not a word but a sentence in itself”.

The mask that Big B wears in the film was introduced to him by his son Abhishek. “When you wear the mask, you cannot breathe easily. You find it hard to breathe. This leads to exercising your lungs. Long distance runners use this to increase lung strength. I had this with me one day and Shoojit asked me to use this in the film” revealed Big B.


Shoojit Sircar gave some information about rights that many women were not even aware of. “The rule is that if any woman feels that her rights have been violated, she can go to any police station at midnight or on a national holiday and she will be heard and her FIR will be registered. If the person is from outside Kolkata, then she can use the system of Zero FIR. Still they are figuring on using this technique in the best way possible. They will be using the film to promote Zero FIR”.

The ladies in Big B’s family are presently out of the country and hence they could not watch the film as yet. But once they return Big B mentioned that he will surely take them to watch the film. The only family member to have watched the film is his son Abhishek Bachchan. “He found the film to be incredible. I shared an audience’s message with him and he was happy that what he said is also the reaction of the audiences too. I think that the ladies in my family will have a similar reaction to the film like the other women in our country” revealed Big B.


Taapsee Pannu said “The film was so stressful mentally that I went on a weeklong break after it got completed. I did not have a single light moment during the shooting of the film. A lot of mental work went in to portray the fact that I was first the victim and then I became the survivor. It was very grueling. However, we did not have many retakes which was immensely helpful”.

Angad Bedi who plays the role of Rajveer in the film said “I used to feel so horrible when the girls used to cry in the court room scenes. I felt like giving them a hug. But Shoojit da did not allow that as he said that my character in the film is not like that. Rajveer was a staunch believer in a certain feudal system and I had to stick to that”.


PINK is surely not a color anymore. It has become a color of strength and empowerment. So if you have not watched Pink yet, do watch it along with the ladies in your house!! It is a film that deserves to be watched!!

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