Online Admission Portal Jumbodium Takes a Step Ahead To Change the Face of Education In India



The need for a strong online medium to catapult any institution to new heights and to lay the child’s educational foundation is one aspect to consider. Finding that medium is quite another story. Using Jumbodium- the online admission application system, the procedure for applying to a single school or multiple schools becomes very easy. The Online Admission Portal Jumbodium was launched recently to cater to the needs of the people. This helps in saving time and is also cost effective. Schools can also use this online platform to manage their applications more efficiently as a result eliminating the tediousness of maintaining paperwork and malpractices. Jumbodium facilitates institutes to receive applications through the web.

Usually schools incur expenditure on the printing of the admission forms. This is also not good for the environment too. The use of so much paper leads to the cutting of many trees. There was no reliable way of knowing the demand among the parents. Chances were that the forms may be printed less or more by the schools. Chances of the admission forms being misplaced were also high. There was also the difficulty of stopping ineligible candidates from applying to the schools. It is very tedious to manually list out the application for each candidate and then manually check them against the documents submitted. This may result in delay and wastage of valuable resources. With the help of Jumbodium, one will be able to restrict the ineligible candidate right at the beginning.

With the help of Jumbodium, the parents will be able to save on time and money and apply in the schools of their choice. They will have to pay a nominal charge of one hundred and fifty rupees per application. The schools however will not have to pay anything for the services. Since the admission portal is in the initial stages, therefore focus is more on Kolkata. However, they want to reach out to nearly all the cities in India. The payment partner for this portal is Axis Bank and one can make the payment by Cheque, demand draft, credit and debit cards.

The future plans of this online admission portal include the starting of the online school management. For this service, the schools will have to pay a nominal fee. However, this is not a compulsory service and the schools may not opt for it. The second thing that they plan to do in future is to start analytical tests for students online. This will help students to prepare them for the competitive examinations.

With portals like Jumbodium, the face of education in India will surely undergo a transformation in the long run.

Priyanka Dutta

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