Star Jalsha 2016 Durga will be played by Actress Priyanka Sarkar; Story from Abhaya Mangal to be the Underlying Theme



It has been a conscious effort of Star Jalsha to present unique program content to its viewers. Like every year, the channel has planned a special Mahalaya program for the viewers. In 2015, with Akal Bodhon, Star Jalsha narrated the story from Ramayana – how with the blessings of Goddess Durga, Lord Rama won over the demon king Ravana and how the Mother Goddess took his side to fight Ravana.

This year too, Star Jalsha has something fresh to offer its viewers. The story of Mahalaya this year is a part of Chandi Mangal, a text from 16th century Bengal. Abhaya Mangal reinforces the dominance of good over evil and spreading goodwill across human races through the captivating tales of Goddess Durga in popular Bengali folklore.

A charming young tribal couple, Kalketu and Phullora, live in the forest and spend their days happily despite having financial constraints. One day, Kalketu, brings a golden chameleon as his catch. As Phullara tries to destroy the chameleon, Goddess Chandi appears from that animal before Phullara with all of her heavenly splendors.  Chandi feels pity and grants them a good fortune. Kalketu and Phullara become enormously wealthy overnight. They establish a new township, named Gujarat, with their wealth. A shrewd fraud Bhandu Datta becomes a close associate of Kalketu by feigning wisdom and goodness. Initially, Kalketu has faith on Bhandu, but when he comes to know about him, Kalketu throws him out of his court. Bhandu flees to Kalinga and instigates the king to attack Gujarat. Kalketu is defeated and imprisoned. But finally by the grace of Chandi he succeeds to overcome all troubles and goes back to heaven after his death.

Priyanka Sarkar will be seen as Devi Durga, Rudranil Ghosh as Bhandu Datta, Sudipta Chakraborty as Phullora, Anirban Bhattacharya as Kalketu and a special appearance will be done by Debolina Datta and Rimjhim Mitra.

Directed by Shiladitya Sanyal and produced by Fisheye Productions, this Mahalaya special episode will be aired on 30th September at 5am.

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