Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2016 Theme is the Avatars of Durga; Actress Indrani Halder will be Seen as Mahishasuramardini



She has always been portrayed as the warrior, the one to fight the demons and evil forces. Zee Bangla will bring forth Mahalaya celebrating the homecoming of the Mother in the form of Adishakti.


The story is about Raja Surat who had been chased out by enemies from his kingdom after losing a battle. Defeated, broken and tired he keeps down his crown and leaves his kingdom along with his wife. He visits sage Medwosh’s ashram. To bring back faith and belief in the King, the sage tells them about Durga and her immense power. He relates stories of the Goddess in her different avatars.


The Different Avatars of Adishakti include Sakambari / Satakshi, Durga (actress Sweta of Jarowar Jhumko), Parbati (actress Diya of Deep Jwele Jai), Kaushiki, Kali, Chamunda (actress Prapti of Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta), Chinnomasta (actress Maha Lakshmi of Esho Ma Lokkhi), Annapurna (actress Kinni of Phoolmoni).

The Grand Finale will be performed by actress Indrani Halder.

Mahalaya on Zee Bangla will be aired on the morning of 30th September.

Priyanka Dutta

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