Interview: Actor Yash Dasgupta on his Debut Bengali Film Gangster (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Remember Aranya Sinha Roy of Star Jalsha serial Bojhena se Bojhena? Good news for his fans. Actor Yash Dasgupta who played the role of Aranya will be seen as Guru in the upcoming Bengali film Gangster. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actor in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- What made you say “yes” to the role of Guru in the film Gangster?

Yash Dasgupta- I was with the film from the time the script was being written down. The person who wrote the story is my friend. It is not that I have helped in the concept or anything. But I had belief in the story. I always believe that if I like the story in which I am acting, then I can expect that the audience will love it. Or else how can I expect a story which I had no faith in to be loved and appreciated by the audience? This story touched my heart and hence I believe this will touch the hearts of the audience too.


You are making your debut in Birsa Dasgupta’s film. How was the experience of working with him?

Yash Dasgupta- I believe that this is Birsa’s best work till date as a director. He has gone beyond his capabilities in the film. The script has been so wonderfully utilized that I think that many seated in the hall will have tears in their eyes. The film Gangster is not simply a story of a gangster of about his love. It is also about redefining love.

Mimi and your chemistry are much talked about. So how was it sharing screen space with her?

Yash Dasgupta- To be very frank, I am glad she was part of the film. Otherwise I and Birsa are very serious and reserved individuals. The film would have been shot in utter seriousness. It is she who in between shots did some pranks and gave us comic relief. She is however a talented actress. Her fans will be amazed to see her acting skills in the film. If I was a girl, I would have loved to get the role that she acted in. She is the one to watch out for.


Bengali film songs are shot abroad. But you have shot the entire film abroad. How was the shooting experience?

Yash Dasgupta- It was a wonderful experience. The weather was so good that we had no trouble shooting the film. Not only in Istanbul, but we have shot the film at various places in Turkey. Since the country is located at the middle of the Earth, the days are long and sunset would happen at 9 o’ clock. This meant we got long hours of sunlight and we could shoot to our heart’s content. Though we may not have gone on sightseeing, the schedule was such that we shot at beautiful locations and made the most of the stay.

We often send the shot portions for color corrections to the DI. But in this case we had to send it so that the color could be dimmed a little as the real color was so unnatural. We also had long adda sessions as no one had the hurry to go back home.

Will we get to see you again on television?

Yash Dasgupta- Television is my backbone. Whatever little I have become is because of television. If I get something good, I will do television again. When there are integration programs for the film on television, I feel like I have come back home.

You are reserved in your real life and so is Aranya and so is Guru. Was the decision to take up such characters entirely coincidental or did you intentionally pick them up as you will be relate with them easily?

Yash Dasgupta- (laughs) It is purely coincidental that I have done characters which are reserved just like me. Aranya loved Pakhi in a different way and Guru’s way of expressing love is different. But yes, I like characters which speak lesser words and express more through their eyes. But I also did Radhe in the serial which was completely different from me. As an actor I have to keep on pushing myself and doing different roles. For playing Guru, I had to learn Muay-Thai. I have tried to present myself in a new way in front of the audience. I just hope that they like me.

Wishing the actor all the best for his debut Bengali film Gangster!!



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