Zee Bangla Presents ‘Mayer Chokhe Pujo’; Initiative to Present the Durga Puja Festivities from the Goddess’s Podium


Video: Zee Bangla Mayer Chokhe Pujo

With Durga Pujo just around the corner, you will be making plans of what to do during the five days of festivity. One of the most important things that is included in the plan is pandal hopping and seeing the different Durga Idols. But what will happen when Ma Durga can also see you? Sounds surprising? But do not be surprised as Zee Bangla has come up with an initiative titled Mayer Chokhe Pujo.

A 360 degree camera will be installed above the idol at Maddox Square and all the events and happenings will be captured on the camera. These will be then posted as videos on the Facebook page of Zee Bangla. Right from Potuapara to Kumartuli to Mahalaya to Chokhudaan of the Mother Goddess to the five days of festivity- everything will be captured on this camera.


Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with a few members of the Zee Bangla family. This is what they have to say regarding this initiative.

Manasi Sinha -“I often quarrel with my husband. And I also happen to visit Maddox Square. But this time I will go alone as it will not be nice to quarrel in front of Ma Durga. At the same time, many ideas of Ma Durga will also break. She used to think only her son Kartik used to flirt with girls. But now she will be amazed to find more Kartiks on Earth. Many people cannot go out to see the Pujas. They will be able to see it from the comforts of their homes”.

Srabanti- “I want to thank Zee Bangla for such a brilliant concept. We always see Ma Durga. But this time Ma will be keeping an eye on our activities. The thought of this is very exciting to me. I will go and say Hi to Ma Durga for sure this time”.


Tanima Sen- “My heart beat has increased from the moment I have heard about this concept. Everybody is thinking what will happen to the youngsters. But I am thinking of those adults who will go with someone else to the pandals. Their activities will get caught on the camera. We always say Ma look after us. And Lo! This time it has come true”.

Sudipta Chakraborty- “Many NRI Bengalis will be able to see the Puja sitting back at their homes. We can go to the pandals to see the Pujas. This will be a great gift for them. Moreover many unexpected and bad incidents can be averted too”.

Sayoni Ghosh- “Ma Durga used to think that she will come to Earth and spend some days relaxing. But that is not happening this time. There will be a camera on her head. A bright side of this is that many bad incidents which take place during such festivities can be avoided. Women safety will be enhanced. Apart from that at the end of the pujo, one will get a good documentary in the form of the videos”.

June Malia- “Ma is coming to her home and what she will be watching will be revealed this time finally. Not only the love birds, but her eyes will capture the evil doers too. This will be a good monitoring device and lead to safety of the people during the Pujas”.

Rimjhim Mitra- “This is a great idea!! No one thought in their wildest dreams that Ma will actually see their deeds”.

With such a unique initiative, be prepared as Ma Durga will be watching you this time!!

Priyanka Dutta

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