Aparajita Adhya and Kanchan Mallick as Anchors of Rannaghore Rockstar 2 on Colors Bangla



After the huge popularity that it received in the first season, Rannaghore Rockstar 2 is back with the second season of the reality show. The first season which was aired about one and a half years ago had Mithun Chakaborty as the anchor. This latest season will however see ace actors Kanchan Mullick and Aparajita Adhya as the hosts.

The new show has been devised in a new way with new rounds. There will be two contestants who can be accompanied by the person’s family members or friends. The first round is the Welcome drink round titled “Ami khabo tumi bhabo” where the first contestant who completes the drink gets to answer the questions first. There will be four options namely- triangle, round, red and yellow. One will be blindfolded in the round. The other will have to explain within the stipulated time what the food item is.


The second round is Gondho bichar-shobdo kolpo drum. The contestant will have to understand from the smell what the particular food item is. The machine is named Nakani chobani. The third round is Challenge is jomoz dish. One will have to make the dish by seeing the recipe. The fourth round is Dim age na murgi age. The contestant will race and try to catch the cock. The contestant will be told beforehand about the dishes in the utensil. This will be jumbled up later on. The one with the cock will have to guess the food item in the dish.

The contestant with the maximum score will go to the jackpot round and will have to complete a gigantic task. At the end of each round, there are prizes for both the winner and the loser. The show has been produced by Subhankar Chattopadhyay.


Speaking about the show, Aparajita Adhya said “I have done anchoring for many shows like Taka na Shona, Shera Bouthan and others. The fact is our generation knew how to act and also to anchor well. The new generation only focuses on the acting part. Maybe they are not interested or maybe they focus only on acting. Whenever there is a need for anchors, I, Sudipta or Bidipta get the call. This is my first pairing with Kanchan as anchor. We have a good chemistry and people will like that”.


Every week there will be a celebrity episode. Some of the celebrities who will be seen in this season include Ridhima Ghosh, Gaurav Chakraborty, Debdut Ghosh, Pushpita and others.

Kanchan Mullick who is famous for his comic timing said “I have participated in the first season as contestant. And now I am the anchor of the show with Aparajita. She has an image of her own due to her acting in films and television. However she has broken the image and you will see a new Aparajita. The rounds are new and the people will love it”.


Sumit Samaddar who plays Ghata Kesto was also present in the first season of this show. He said “My character has become so popular that they have kept it in this season too. Ghata kesto have improved his lifestyle and has a chain of stores now. He wears a golden chain now due to this reason. He has assistants named Param, Bancha who confuse the contestants when they come to pick up items to prepare the dish”.

Premiering on 20th October, the show will be aired every Thursday to Saturday from 8.30 to 9.30 pm only on Colors Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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