Popular Game Show For Children Lakhichhana To Start Again on Aakash Aath


Video: Lakhichhana on Aakash Aath

Popular game show for children Lakhichhana which was aired between 2002 and 2012 is making a comeback again in November on Aakash Aath. Sujan Mukherjee, better known as Neel will again be acting as the anchor along with three other characters namely Peyada, Thakuma and Jin.

The press conference of the show was held in the presence of Sujan Mukherjee, Eshita Surana, Director Aakash Aath, Somnath Roy, Director of Lakhichhana, Joy Chandra Chandra, Art Director, Lakhichhana, Shibam Mondal and Soumi Pradhan.


One of the most striking aspects of this game show is the set which is an underwater marine life picture. “This has been done so as to convey the message that we do not know many things about the deep blue sea. Likewise the inner thoughts of the kids are often not known to us. Hence the set has been designed in such a way” said Joy Chandra Chandra.

The game show has kids aged between four and ten years. Every episode has three kids who will be engaging in activities and sharing their innermost thoughts to Captain Neel. Some of the rounds that will be found in this game show are Choto mukhe boro kotha, Lakhi chaanar adalat, Jin na genious, Thakumar jhuli na dhiskaon guli and ichche holo.


“The journey of ten years with this show has been great. People actually forgot my name and called me as Lakhichhana. That is a great feeling. Apart from that, the fact that you actually have to deal with kids is a tough thing. They cannot be given a script and made to do things. One may want to go to the bathroom while the other may want to have a bar of chocolate. I have learnt much about them by interacting with them. Times have changed now. This is again a new generation. Wait and watch what these kids do and say” said actor Sujan Mukherjee.

Shibam Mondal who is a class seven student is playing the role of Peyada said “I am having a good time shooting. Now the school is closed for the holidays. When I am shooting, the teachers and my fiends help me if I miss anything. I am given off to attend class though”.


Soumi Pradhan (a student of class two) is playing the role of Thakuma. Dressed in a red bordered white sari, spectacles and a stick in one hand, the small kid is impressive as Thakuma. “I am having a good time on the sets. Somnath uncle calls me Jilepi. However the wig causes itching” said the child actress.

Lakhichhana will go on air from 14th November, Monday to Friday at 5pm only on Aakash Aath.

Priyanka Dutta

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