Yogarsi Swami Ramdev Ji at Spotlight Session of INFOCOM 2016


Video: Ramdev at INFOCOM 2016

The third day of INFOCOM 2016 witnessed the presence of Yogarsi Swami Ramdev Ji at the spotlight session. He spoke on “Self transformation leading to societal transformation”. The session was moderated by Jayanta Roy Chowdhury, Chief of Bureau-Business, The Telegraph.


Speaking about his company Patanjali, Ramdev said “I did take loans initially. But after some time, I paid all my debts back. Now my company is a debt free company. I have never cheated anyone. I have done whatever I could with my abilities alone. This is the reason why my company has been showered with so much love by the people”.

When asked how the demonetization has affected his company, he clearly stated that his company had not faced any loss. Instead the company has reaped in profits. He also has plans of opening up a textile division of Patanjali. “I have always believed Bengal had the best fabrics in India. That is the reason why the British settled here and made the city the capital of India. Now the status is grim and I have plans of again bringing alive the lost glory of the textile industry in Bengal” said Ramdev.


About the demonetization effect, he further commented “People are facing trouble-that is true. But think of the issues like lack of funding of terrorist groups. They are paid in big notes and note with the note ban they have been severely affected. This is indeed good. I had actually spoken about this step a few years ago itself”.

Ramdev praised the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee for her simplicity of living life and also for the zeal and perseverance with which she carried on with her work. “The fact that the people are suffering have made her agitated and this is why she is demonstrating. I think she s unhappy with the technique used by the government which is causing common people to suffer” said Ramdev.


Ramdev also demonstrated some of the yoga poses and highlighted on the fact thirty minutes of Yoga is helpful in keeping the mind and body health of any individual.

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