Actress Koneenica Spread Christmas Cheer Among Underprivileged Kids at Aauris Hotel



Tollywood actress Koneenica Banerjee spent some time with the children of Hope Foundation at Aauris Hotel to celebrate Christmas. The actress along with the kids spent some time and also interacted with each other. Santa Claus also came to the event and distributed candies among the kids at the event.


Speaking about her Christmas memory, Koneenica said “I was a practical child and I never believed in Santa Claus. I always believed that my parents gave me the things I needed. So I never hung socks. The slice of cake that I used to have back then is the most delicious piece that I have ever tasted. I may eat many cakes now but the taste of that slice is not found now”.


The actress shared that she will be married this year by the time Christmas comes. “I will be married by then. My father-in-law is not keeping good health. Hope he gets better by then. Now I have an eleven year old son of my husband. Fulfilling his wishes will be my priority now. I have become the Santa now. But since I am from a middle class family, I will see to it that he earns what he gets. Or else he will become demanding and will not value what he gets” added the actress.

The kids from Hope Foundation were treated to a sumptuous lunch thereby ensuring that they have good memories of Christmas.

Priyanka Dutta

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