Book Reading Session of Double Feluda Organized at Starmark to Mark Fifty Years of Feluda


Video: Book reading of Double Feluda

A book reading session was organized at Starmark to celebrate fifty years of Feluda and also promote the upcoming Bengali film Double Feluda which is slated for release this Friday. The session saw director Sandip Ray, Saheb Bhattacharya, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee interacting with the audience and sharing many unknown stories about Feluda.


“The first draft of Feluda always went to my mother who checked and edited if something seemed out of place. Then it came to me and I used to read them. Often my friends used to beg me to tell what the next story was but I kept quiet” said Sandip Ray.


Speaking about the fact that Feluda is still so popular among the Bengalis even today the director said “It is the Bangaliana which has left an impression in the minds and hearts of the audience. Also the fact that you get to know so much by reading the books is also another interesting fact which has hooked many readers even today. Sonar Kella, a popular Feluda story has served as a tour guide for many people who went on a vacation to Rajasthan. Therein is the appeal of Feluda even today”.


Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee who first became acquainted with Feluda when his father took him to watch Sonar Kella said “He was the first Bengali sleuth that I knew. I was so mesmerized after watching the film that when I began reading the books I found them so appealing. Young people do not read books now. Even if they do, those are not Bengali books. But after watching the film, if two people read the books, then it will indeed be an achievement for today’s generation”.


Double Feluda and Byomkesh Pawrbo releases this Friday. Indeed it is a great Friday for all the Bengali film lovers as two films on two famous Bengali sleuths namely Feluda and Byomkesh Baksi will be releasing.

Priyanka Dutta

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