Furniture Exhibition A-Muse by Sanjukta Dutta; Limited Exclusive Creations For Home Decor



Sanjukta Dutta, a Kolkata based painter and artist has opened up a new dimension in furniture décor; by turning them also into rare and exclusive art forms. The limited creations were inaugurated in an exhibition called ‘A-muse’ at Maya Art Space art gallery beside Ruby Park DPS School. Inaugurated by Sharbari Datta, the exhibition is scheduled to run from 16 to 20 December.


Apart from the view that furniture is just an object as thought by many, they can also be rolled into art installations. A disciple of eminent painter Ramananda Bandopadhyay, the artist felt that there is a real dearth of exclusivity in today’s time.


The artist informed that only ten creations would be on display for sale as out of eighteen created for the show, eight have been pre-sold. Sanjukta shared that all furniture would be unique as they have been handmade, crafted and chiseled with only one created for every form. Another highlight is that they have a neutral look so that they may be matched with any décor. However the artist claimed that there has been no compromise with the quality of the furniture which had been made by skilled craftsmen over last few months with the use of application of modern materials and processes.


The furniture are primarily house hold and fancy types which include fashionable benches, chairs, cabinets, plant holders, partitions and other such objects.

Priyanka Dutta

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