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Many will remember the child actor who mesmerized everyone with his acting in films like Wanted, Nater Guru, Bandhan and so on. Master Anshu caught the eyes of director Haranath Chakraborty who found a similarity between his face and Jeet’s face. And lo!! He got his break in Tollywood films. After acting in many films, he took a break from films. His latest release is English vs English. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the young and talented actor in an exclusive chat. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- A very obvious question, what were you doing during the time you took the break?

Anshu Bach- I took the break so that I could finish my education. I am pursuing Communicative English from Ashutosh College. I also wanted to give the audience a break so that the earlier image of mine could be erased and I could come back in a new way. Hence the much needed break.


So did you also learn anything to enhance the acting skills?

Anshu Bach- Look there is not much good institutions here to enhance them. But in this time, I have learnt driving, horse riding so that I can utilize them in the films later on.

How did English vs English happen?

Anshu Bach- I am lucky even in my second innings too!! The DOP of the film was my senior in college. He suggested my name to the director of the film. I got a call in the middle of the night asking me to go and meet them. I thought it was a joke initially. Then I understood that it is true. I went and saw that the song recording was taking place. I realized that this is not something funny. And this is how I bagged the role.


You have worked with many eminent directors before. So do you have a wish list of film makers with whom you want to work now?

Anshu Bach- I want to work with anyone who wants me to do a role suiting me. I have no such wish list. I have been extremely lucky to have got the chance to have worked with such great people before.

Any dream role??

Anshu Bach-No, I do not have any dream role. As actors we are lucky that we can become so many individuals in one life. We can be a doctor, engineer, teacher, car mechanic and so on. I do not want to limit myself. I want to experiment. Hence positive or negative characters portrayal is all welcome.

You have worked with Dev, Jeet, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Koel Mullick and many other eminent actors. How was the work experience?

Anshu Bach- When I worked with them then, I was not even aware of their popularity. They treated me with so much love. It is now that I understand their importance. I was only seven when I first began and so you can understand that it was not easy for me to grasp these.


So have you received any film offers yet?

Anshu Bach- No, I have not yet received any offers. But the review that I have got of the film is positive. The ball is now in the court of the directors. Let’s see what they feel about my acting.

You do not have any film connection. Have you ever felt any problem due to this?

Anshu Bach- This has never caused any trouble for me. I have always felt that if I work hard, my work will get noticed and appreciated. I am always ready to give in my 100 percent.

We hope that Anshu shines again in his second innings in Tollywood. Best of luck!!

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