Mir at Big Bazaar’s Poush Parbon Event Inauguration; Celebration of The Winter Essence in Bengal



Big Bazaar announced Poush Parbon in the august presence of Mir to celebrate the sweet tooth of Bengalis. The festival will be celebrated in Bengal, Silchar and Agartala at all the Big Bazaar Stores.

The big idea that is the highlight of this festival is to use oats from brand Kosh along with other ingredients to make the sweets healthier and yet keep the taste intact. Oats help in reducing the blood pressure and helps in controlling heart diseases. Oats when mixed with rice paste and flour can be used easily to make the Bengali delicacies.


Speaking at the occasion, Mir said “I tasted some of the Pitha-Puli made from oats. They are delicious. If no one is told that it is made from oats, it will be really difficult to spot the difference. I do not like oats myself. But the taste is so good that even I liked it”.

Poush Parbon at Big Bazaar is a good way of getting the essence of the winter season and flattering the taste buds to delicious delicacies.

Priyanka Dutta

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