Soham, Subhasree Shoots For Raja Chanda’s Bengali Film Amar Apanjan in Kolkata


Video: Raja Chanda film Amar Apanjan Shooting

Director Raja Chanda’s upcoming Bengali film Amar Apanjan was being shot at Basu Bari. Soham and Subhasree Ganguly along with the director were present at the shoot of the film.

The story of Amar Apanjan revolves around three stages of Soham’s life and the women involved in all these phases.


Raja Chanda mentioned that the film’s story is the main highlight of the film. It is different from the films that he is actually known for making. Shooting of the film has already been done in Kalimpong. Some parts will be shot in Kolkata, Bolpur and in Bangalore.

Speaking in between shots, Soham said “The character that I play is a reserved character. His father is the postmaster. He is a very calm individual. This is all I will tell about the role at the moment”.


Soham had worked with Subhasree before. While commenting about getting paired up yet again, the actor said “She has matured immensely as an actress. This is amazing. I am working for the first time with Priyanka and she is also good. Ayindrita did the film Bachchan and now she is doing this film. She is also a bundle of talent”. This is his fifth film with the director and the actor said that he now knew him better and the working chemistry is fantastic. “I can wholly understand when he wants me to laugh or be serious” added the actor.


The film also stars Priyanka Sarkar and Ayindrita Ray. Daboo and Dolon-Mainak has composed the music of this film. There are four songs in the film. The film has been produced by Ajosro Entertainment.

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