COLORS Bangla Serial Resham Jhapi To Begin Soon; Inspired From Hindi Serial Udaan



COLORS Bangla serial Resham Jhapi is inspired by Hindi serial Udaan which was aired on COLORS channel. The serial narrates the story of Titli who while in her mother’s womb was used as collateral for money. The family was so poor that they had nothing else apart from the child to use as collateral for money. When Titli becomes seven, she will have to go and stay at the house of MP Dayal Chand Thakur. Does Titli go and stay?? What happens to her? This is what Resham Jhapi is all about.


Director Monojit Majumdar who had directed serials like Tumi Asbe Bole , Phoolmoni said “The serial is set in the fictional rustic area Reshamganj. We will be showcasing about the art of silk rearing. Some artisans are aiding us in this activity. Resham Jhapi-the name is also significant. Resham Jhapi is made by Titli’s grandfather out of silk. She tells the Jhapi about her happiness and sadness. It is important because a non-living entity is given such a status which is similar to a human being”.


Titli is played by Smriti Singh. The student of class KG said “This is my first serial and I am having a good time on the sets. My friends at school are telling that I am looking so good on screen”.

Titli’s sister Bulbuli’s character is being played by Anushka Bhattacharya. She had worked earlier in Stree, Bhutu and Rakhi Bandhan. “I play a lot in between the shots. I also play games on the mobile” said the young actress. A fan of Dev, Anushka also loves to watch cartoons.


June Maliah will be seen in the role of Maa Thakurun Rupmati. Speaking about her character, she said “The woman is cunning and manipulative. She manipulates her husband also at times. The look is different this time. You see me in urban roles but this is a different character. The team and I have jointly worked on the look of the character”.


Anushua Mukherjee plays Titli’s mother Padma, Rajesh Chatterjee plays Bhubon, Titli’s father, Sandip Dey plays MP Dayal Chand Thakur and Runa Banerjee plays Boro Maa in Resham Jhapi.

Produced by Vandana Films, the show will be aired from 13th February every Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm on COLORS Bangla.

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