Aradhana Dalmia’s Painting Exhibition Luminous Launched at Style File 2017



Aradhana Dalmia of The Artemist launched her series of chromatic explosion paintings called Luminous at Style File 2017- India’s Premium Lifestyle exhibition in Kolkata. She has been inclined towards art since childhood and her forte is oil painting. Luminous is her indigenous project with which she hopes to innovate in the oil painting art space. The name of various paintings that form a part of the series are- Prismatic Focus, Soaring Benares, Triangularity , Bio Luminescent, Crimson Disc.


The Luminous series is a first of its kind in the world- a mix of Luminescent, Ultra-Pop and Chromatic explosion of various colors.  In natural light, the paintings are vivacious pieces of oil on canvas but when exposed to ultraviolet light, they become a scintillating story. Generally, the ‘glow in the dark paintings’ are made with acrylic colors but Aradhana innovated the whole concept by making the piece with oil paint.


Each creation is composed of a plethora of visuals and line drawings for the viewer to reinterpret the culmination of east and west.

The price range of the series starts from 45,000/- INR and goes up to 150,000/- INR.

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