Director Pavel’s Second Film on Bengali Sweet Rasgulla; A Period Film Produced by Windows



Rasgulla is a sweet which is not only famous among the Bengalis but is equally popular among the non-Bengalis. The delicacy has put India on the global food map. Director Pavel’s second film is about this sweet delicacy and focuses on the life of the maker Nabin Chandra Das.

This is a period film about the sweet and also with a love story. Mostly the period films deal with kings and queens but this one deals with the life of a common man. The director claimed that he was a common man and hence the interest in making a film on the common man. The film is 70 percent biopic and 30 percent fiction. This will be done because showing a hardcore biopic on the screen is a problem.

Pavel had done research for two years for this film. Hutumpachar Noksa, Alaler Ghorer Dulal and many other books have been read by him so that he can know in detail about the sweet. At times he found just one line from the book. He had added that to his script.

When asked why he selects such uncommon topics for his films, the director said “I have always tried to do something that the others will not do. Hence my first film was Babar Naam Gandhiji and now this”.

The film will be produced by Windows.

Priyanka Dutta

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