10th World Sleep Day Organized by Somnos Sleep Clinic and Iris Hospital; Creating Mass Awareness About Importance of Sleep



Due to busy schedule of modern life, the sleeping time of individuals has been hampered day by day. Many of us steal the time of sleep for work or entertainment. As a consequence the biological clock has changed and many health problems are arising. In this perspective for mass awareness on the importance of sleep, World Sleep Day has been celebrated by World Sleep Society.

This year a program on the 10th World Sleep Day was organized by Somnos Sleep Clinic, Kolkata and Iris Hosital, Kolkata at Irish Multispecialty Hospital Kolkata. The theme of this year was “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”.  Dr. Sourav Das, renowned Sleep Specialist and Psychiatrist as well as coordinator of World sleep Society in Eastern India analyzed the problems and discussed about sleeping habits in humans.

Some of the highlighting points include that one must have sound sleep, one must contact the physicians if they have insomnia or sleep disorders. The important issue highlighted was that one must never neglect sleep as it may lead to health issues.

Sleep well and stay healthy!!

Priyanka Dutta

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