Samya’s Solo Recitation Album Aamar Kobita Released; Collection of Eight Distinct Poems


Video: Album Aamar Kobita Released

Samya’s solo recitation album Aamar Kobita was released in the august presence of Joy Sarkar, Mahua Lahiri, Shovonsundar Basu and other eminent dignitaries.

Samya has been learning recitation for the past twenty years under the guidance of Bratati Bandopadhyay. He performs regularly in television shows and also has done several shows abroad.


Aamar Kobita is a collection which reflects the memories, emotions, likes and dislikes, passions and turmoil of Samya. The album has a collection of eight poems. The poems consist of those written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay to Tagore to the very recent ones that are written on social media sites.

“I must congratulate Samya for the patience that he has shown. He wanted to do the project with Asha Audio and due to my other works he had to wait a year. He did wait and this is incredible. Not much people have the patience these days” said Mahua Lahiri.


“I am not much into designing music for recitation albums. Lopamudra suggested that I work with him. I had only done two such albums before. Samya’s is the third album. He is a talented artist and I am glad that young people like him are taking up recitation. Or else this art form will be devoid of fresh ideas and will not flourish” said Joy Sarkar.

Priced at Rs 125, the album is easily available at all the leading retail stores and the online forums too.

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