IPFL Announced in Kolkata; Aim to Inspire New Talents and Take MMA to New Level



IPFL has been introduced in India to champion the scenario of Martial Arts in the country and to tap talent from grassroots level. At a press conference, the IPFL was announced in presence of the Team owners, the participants and the organizing team.

Bengal Tigers -Sanjoy Goenka, Sony World –Elgin Road; Assam warriors – Gagan Sachdev of Bodyline; Rajasthan Rajputs – Manish Sharma, Natural Group; Mumbai Supremos – Anushee Dubey, AD Touch; Gujarat Giants -Hirak Doshi, Rashmi Group; Sikkim Vanquishers – BB15 Karma Legshay; Pune Dragons – Skulpt and Patna Titans –  Gold Gym Siliguri are the owners and teams at IPFL League.

The aim is to take MMA to a whole new level and eventually inspire many talented youngsters to take up MMA as a career and enable a better living for the current set of fighters from India. The team for the first time will have women fighters who will play an equal role towards the overall team performance in the league.

Each team will constitute of 5 Indian fighters. 8 fighters from 8 teams will start the elimination match. The champion has to win quarter, semi and final. To win they have to fight 3 matches back to back.

The IPFL league is schedule to be hosted in Kolkata on 7th May 2017 at Khudiram.

Priyanka Dutta

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