Audio Drama Bhanga Sanko Released; Eminent Dignitaries Grace Occasion


Video: Audio Drama Bhanga Sanko Released

In the presence of eminent dignitaries like Chandan Sen, Kajal Sur, Sanjib Sarkar and others, the release of audio drama CD Bhanga Sanko took place.


Bhanga Sanko is the second production of Icche Dana, a cultural organization. The first production was Ekta Chithi.

The album Bhanga Sanko showcases the struggles of three women of the Chatterjee family. These women belong to three generations. The audio drama showcases humanity which is above religions and the borders of countries.


Sumit Chakraborty has written and directed Bhanga Sanko while it has been produced by Ratan Kr Chakraborty.

Four songs of Tagore (Megh bolece jabo jabo, Jibon moroner simana charie, Aaj kamon kore gaiche aakash and Hridoyer ekul okul) and two Adhunik songs is part of this audio drama.

The cast of this audio drama is Kakoli Dasgupta Chakraborty, Surya Kanta Maity, Mita Chaudhury, Rituparna Biswas Sarkar, Topesh Banerjee, Priyam Banerjee, Sumit Chakraborty and Sanjib Sarkar.

Priced at Rs 110, the audio drama album is easily available at the leading music outlets in the city.

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