Event We The Women Organized; Aim to Highlight on the Labor of Women in Day to Day Life


Video: Event We The Women Organized

An interesting event titled We the women was recently organized by Zafire events and Kol Events and supported by Dhulaiwala.

The motive behind organizing such an event was to make the people aware of the fact that a woman labor so much daily but this goes unnoticed. The labor of women often goes unnoticed. She tries hard to please everyone-both at her home and at her workplace. With this event, the efforts of women and the labor that they put in was discussed.

Jimmy Tangree, Riecha Sharma, Rhitobroto Bhattacharya, MLA Sujit Bose and others were present at the event and expressed their opinion on the issue.

Speaking at the event, Jimmy Tangree said “At our radio station, men and women are both equal. When we started, a majority of the staff were female. And they never complained about long hours or late shifts. That is the determination which is so awesome. I am thankful that God created women”.

MLA Sujit Bose also highlighted on the fact that women in the household labor as much as the men working outside. Those women who work, they labor twice as they have to handle both the professional and domestic front.

The event was followed by an enriching panel discussion.

Priyanka Dutta

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