Lomasi Skin Boutique Organizes an Engaging Session on Aesthetic Grooming and Personality Development



Lomasi Skin Boutique organized an engaging session on the subject of enhancing aesthetic grooming and the significance it has in overall confidence and personality development. Eminent celebrities like Nusrat Jahan, Rachana Banerjee, Arjun Chakraborty, Nilanjana Chakraborty and Samraggi Mukherjee. Mr Nripendra Guha, CEO of Lomasi Skin Boutique was present to emphasize on the importance of aesthetic grooming to enhance confidence and personality.

Lomasi Skin Boutique was launched in the city to ensure the people of Kolkata have a reliable clinic that will maintain the health of their skin through accurate dermatological solutions. With the rise of various lifestyle diseases, it is a common tendency to overlook the appearance and hence health of the skin. Lomasi helps people out in such situations.


Regardless of which professional field one is in, the importance of aesthetic grooming is on the rise. Moreover, majority of people working in MNC set ups are involved in newly emerging professions which creates a demand to be aesthetically groomed. This combined with the need for proper skin care has given rise to a requirement of elevating the awareness level about skin issues and ways to address them.

With the new technologies entering in the skin care market and being available at affordable rates, people are keen to explore avenues to enhance their self image.

Lomasi is therefore committed to continuously bring in the best in technology at the most affordable prices.

Priyanka Dutta

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