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Actor Biswanath Basu has always made you laugh with his antics on the big and small screen alike. However this time the actor will be seen in a different avatar in the upcoming Bengali film Biler Diary. Playing Kanu Maharaj was an enriching experience for the actor. Read on to know what more he shared in an exclusive chat with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- This is a different character that you have played in Biler Diary. Tell us something about it..
Biswanath Basu- I play Kanu Maharaj in the film. The film is essentially a film for kids. But this does not mean that the adults cannot watch the film. The film will be loved by all ages. This is simply because the film showcases the bonding of the students with the teachers. The fact that the teachers are the second guardians has been highlighted in this film. The guru-sishya tradition that has a long history in our country forms the essential backbone of this film.

How did you prepare yourself for the role of Kanu Maharaj?
Biswanath Basu- I was a good student. (laughs) And that has come in handy while doing this film. I got the chance to study under many good teachers and that experience has been helpful while playing this role. I was associated with Ramakrishna Mission for quite some time and I knew how the Maharaj carried them in the school. One of the interesting things that I did for this role was to shave off my head. This has been a good experience, no doubt.

What was the biggest challenge while shooting the film?
Biswanath Basu- The biggest challenge was scolding the kids. I had to be strict and firm so that the message could be showcased in a good way in front of the camera. The scolding has to be done in such a way so that the children will know that I have scolded them and will emote accordingly.

How was the experience of shooting with the kids for Biler Diary?
Biswanath Basu- (laughs out loud) Oh! What a time I had with them. I traveled back in time with them. I became like them when the shooting was done. It has been a great experience shooting with the kids for this film.

Can you share any memorable experience that you had while shooting for the film?
Biswanath Basu- I had to play the violin and Pakhawaj for my role. I did not practise much but later on the music director of the film Raja Narayan Deb mentioned that I have played the instruments in the best way possible. I don’t know how this happened. But this indeed has been a memorable experience.

You are always associated with happy and humorous characters. This time you will be seen in a different avatar. How do you think that the audience will react to this character?
Biswanath Basu- I am always grateful to the audience for having accepted me in different roles that I have done in the course of my career. Kanu Maharaj may look like a serious role but that is not true. The person may look serious but he has a great bonding with the students. This will be liked by the audience. I hope that they will like me in this avatar and give the love and support that they have always shown me.

We wish Biswanath Basu all the best for his new film Biler Diary and hope that the audience shows great love to Kanu Maharaj!!

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