Interview: RJ Neil of RED FM 93.5 on His Myriad Work Experiences as a Radio Jockey


Video: Interview of RJ Neil of RED FM 93.5

RJ Neil of RED FM 93.5 has been mesmerizing the audiences with his show Masala Nights with Neil. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the talented radio jockey at RED FM studio. Excerpts from the conversation..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How did you enter this world of radio jockey?
RJ Neil- Actually it was not a planned entry. I used to do stage shows and was into singing. It was during such a show that I was approached to do a stint as a radio jockey. I just had given my class twelve board examinations. I went to the station and I got selected. The training period which is usually of six months- mine was completed within one and a half months. I went on air. Gradually I developed a liking for the profession. I bonded with the listeners and this is how I have become a radio jockey.

Were you aware of the nuances of being a radio jockey before becoming one?
RJ Neil- To tell you the truth, I did not have the faintest idea. I just had the notion that I will be carrying a coffee mug, speaking with the people and making a lot of fans. This idea came from watching the various films and soaps. But when I entered this world, I realized that you cannot carry a cup of coffee to the studio. Moreover I also understood that it was not about merely speaking, but it was about connecting with the people who are listening to you.

How challenging was the job for you initially?
RJ Neil- I always had the quality of connecting well with the people. So it was not much of a problem for me. What I like about the job is the amount of things that you experience about life and what people face in their day to day lives. Mine is a late night show and I come across myriad emotions of the listeners.

Since this is a late night show, what kind of experiences have you come across as a host?
RJ Neil- I try to act as a friend to the listeners who share their issues on my show. I cannot be a moral police for them. I just try to give them advice just like one advises a friend. At times when I go home, I am happy and at times I feel sad. I even share some stories with my family members while at other times I share them with my other RJ colleagues. The bottom line is about communicating with the people.

Since you are so busy with your work, how do you balance your personal and professional life?
RJ Neil- My family is supportive and they have accepted my job. They feel proud of the work that I do. When people come up and say that your son is doing a good job, my parents feels proud of my achievements. However I feel that we are never so short of time that we cannot give time to our family. It is all about priority. The things that matter to us, we make time out for it.

With so many radio channels coming up, there is a strong competition among the channels? Do you feel the heat of this competition?
RJ Neil- I never believe in competition in this zone. Two people can sing songs and they will have their share of listeners. When you compete, you just think of numbers and not about the work that you have to do. That harms the job that you are doing. Numbers are good for the sales and revenue department. I believe each radio channel has their loyal listeners. They may surf through the other channels but they eventually will come back to listen to the channel that they love.

What is next in line in radio?
RJ Neil- Digitalization in radio is the future. With so much changes happening in our lifestyle, digitalization will be in the important thing for the listeners. Now people hardly have the time to sit and do anything. They are always on the move. And hence digitalization will help them in their busy lives. Many digital radio channels will come up in the near future. This will give the audiences more options to choose from.

What message would you to your fans and listeners?
RJ Neil- Stay connected!! Keep on loving the show!!

Wishing RJ Neil all the best for his show Masala Nights with Neil!!

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