Interview: RJ Nilam on How She Became A RJ and Her Connectivity with Her Listeners


Video: Interview of RJ Nilam on becoming a RJ

RJ Nilam who has been connecting with the audience with her daily dose of funentertainment is among the most popular radio jockeys in Kolkata. Her show Kolkata Cutting on 93.5 RED FM has a huge fan following in the city. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the feisty lady at RED FM office in Kolkata. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How did you become interested in becoming a radio jockey?

RJ Nilam- When I began, there was no concept like radio jockeys. What existed was the concept of radio presenters. This was in the year 2000 and I have just passed out of college. It was announced in the radio that Akashbani wanted some presenters. I am actually very lazy by nature. This is the very reason why I never scored more than 57 percent in my examinations. My mother then mentioned to me that since I go on talking non-stop at my home, I should apply for the post. I applied and I was selected. Then in 2004 I joined RED FM. And now being a radio jockey is my passion, profession, everything!!

Many people think that being a radio jockey means you simply have to talk non-stop. But that is not the case in reality. Can you shed some light on the reality?

RJ Nilam- It is simply not about speaking non-stop. You have to be creative, informative and entertain the people at the same time. Otherwise why would they listen to you? Entertainment is such a huge part of our lives. When we speak on air, we try to be as mesmerizing as possible so as to grab the attention of the people. This requires a lot of effort and hard work of a radio jockey.


It is a huge task to pick up topics everyday which will connect to the audience. How do you go about doing this mammoth task daily?

RJ Nilam- (laughs) My mother thinks daily what she will cook for lunch. Then she sits down to think what can be cooked. The same is the case for me. I pick up the vibe of the people and then I choose the topics that can be discussed. We have a talk with the show producer and the sound engineer over the topic, we bring relevant personalities pertaining to the topic so that the people can relate with it. It is all about understanding what the people is talking about and then adding information to them so that they can speak about it.

Women becoming radio jockeys were not so much in vogue before. But the scenario has changed. What is your take on it?

RJ Nilam- Times have changed. Previously only some professions like teachers and nurses were considered the apt professions for women. But now women are entering into different professions. The same is the case for radio jockeys. I am glad the scenario is undergoing a change.

How are you handling professional and personal life, given the fact that you have such a hectic schedule?

RJ Nilam- Initially I used to feel guilty that I was not been able to give quality time to my family. But they have been very supportive and they have understood my profession. When my child was small, I used to have guilt feeling for not been able to spend quality time. I also read in many magazines that this has an adverse effect on the psychology of the kid. But thankfully I have a good support system. My mother-in-law is a great lady. She is more like a mother to me. She helps me immensely. The tiffin that I carry is also made by her.


Are you planning on adding some elements to your show Kolkata Cutting to make it even more appealing?

RJ Nilam- True!! The show is quite popular among the listeners. Kolkata is such a city where there is no dearth of topics for discussion. We plan everyday on what new we can actually offer to the listeners. We have a segment called Bejatti karalo dot com. We select a topic which is insulted as that causes harm to the society. Examples can be cited of smoking, eve teasing, traffic problems and so on. We are planning to take this on ground so that we can relate more with the people.

You participated in Pinkathon. How much health conscious have you become?

RJ Nilam- I am a food lover. But I try and eat more homemade food. Milind Soman is a thorough gentleman and an extremely health conscious person. I was so amazed by his looks when the video Made in India released years ago. But now after seeing him in person, I realized what a good human being he is. He stressed on the fact that it is important to be healthy from inside rather than just simply looking good on the outside. I have cut down on my consumption of sweets, have lost weight and I do not eat flour. These are some healthy tips that I follow.

Digitalization is now an important issue. What is your take on it?

RJ Nilam- Yes, indeed digitalization is the future. If you are not connected digitally, you tend to lose out. One is making payments online, content is being released online- hence one can very well understand the importance of digitalization.

What is your message for your listeners?

RJ Nilam- Keep loving the show and supporting the show!! I know with great love comes great responsibility. I will try and live up to your expectations!!

Wishing RJ Nilam all the best for her future endeavours!!

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