Interview: Actress Arpita Chatterjee on Making Her Debut in Bollywood Film Shab and Her Work as an Entrepreneur


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She is an actress, an entrepreneur, a doting mother and many more. She is none other than actress Arpita Chatterjee. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the multi-tasking persona at her residence. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You have been handling your personal and professional life with so much ease. However your fans do not get to see you much in films as much as they would have wanted. Why is it so?
Arpita Chatterjee- (smiles) This is simply because I am not offered any work.


Can you tell us something about the character that you play in your debut Bollywood movie Shab?
Arpita Chatterjee- I play Raina who works in a cafeteria in Delhi. She is confident and independent. She is a mysterious character and has a flashback. Apart from the fact that she is a waitress, she has a mystery in her life. She is a lady with different layers. What is the mystery will not be revealed by me now. For that one has to watch the film.

How was the experience of acting in the film?
Arpita Chatterjee- It was a wonderful experience. For the first time, I experienced a proper workshop which helped me a lot in acting in the film. Apart from that, I got the chance to brush up my Hindi. My Hindi was not so good. Due to this film, I had to take time to better my Hindi. This is the first time that I had such a prolonged shooting schedule. We actually captured the four seasons. As a whole, due to Shab, I learnt a lot.

You worked with Raveena Tandon in Laboratory. How was the experience of working with her again?
Arpita Chatterjee- I did work with her in Laboratory but this time we did not share screen space.

How was Onir as a director?
Arpita Chatterjee- He is a wonderful human being and a great director to work with. I have watched his other films and I liked them. This is a special script for him as this is the first script that he wrote after going to Mumbai. Earlier he was not mature enough to handle the vast canvas of the film. Hence he made the film now when he thought that he would be able to handle it well. I am glad that I came to know him as a person. It is great to have him as a person in my life. I have learnt a lot.


Apart from Shab, have you received any offers of other Bollywood projects?
Arpita Chatterjee- No, not at the moment!!

Many actresses have donned the cap of the director. Do you have any such plans?
Arpita Chatterjee- No, I am not qualified enough to direct a film. Hence I will stay away from direction.

Tell us about your work in Delhi?
Arpita Chatterjee- I have set up my company in Delhi. We develop video apps. Apart from that we are into developing web series. We also some other big plans relating to app and portals in mind. But details about that project cannot be divulged right now.

Will Prosenjit Chatterjee be cast in the web series that you are planning?
Arpita Chatterjee- I am not sure right now. If the script demands, we will approach him surely for the role.

Since this is your debut Bollywood film, what is your expectation from the film?
Arpita Chatterjee- For me, language is not an issue. I am expecting it to perform well as I would have wished my Bengali films to do. I am tensed about this film as I am during the release of my Bengali films. I hope that the audience likes it.

Wishing Arpita Chatterjee all the best for her debut Bollywood film Shab!!

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