Bollywood Diva Kalki Koechlin Unveiled Gilette Venus Breeze in Kolkata


Video: Kalki Unveiled Gilette Venus Breeze

“I used my father’s razor first. This was one of my earliest memories of using a razor. But now times have changed and with so many sophisticated products on line, women can choose and pick from a wide variety of products” said Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin at the launch of Gilette Venus Breeze in Kolkata.


Celebrity dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty was also present at the occasion to educate women about shaving and debunk myths surrounding it.


Kalki who has been using the products of Gilette for hair removal purposes mentioned that this product will be of much help for the women as it has built in moisture gel bars enriched with body butters. This will help in moisturizing the skin and lead to better hair removal.


Some of the myths that were busted at the event include- shaving does not make the hair grow faster, shaving do not blacken the areas that you have shaved, shaving do not make the hair thicker and so on.


Balloons with the various myths written on it were brought on the stage and Kalki and Dr. Rashmi Shetty burst the balloons with a pin.

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