Five Yoga Asanas to Combat Depression and Anxiety in Daily Life



Yoga has been found to be helping individuals in combating depression, anxiety. However many individuals often think how yoga help in reducing these diseases. Mind matters and so does the body. Yoga helps by playing an active role in healing. The neurochemical imbalance seen in major psychiatric (mental) problems is restored through yoga as an add-on therapy. The correct breathing techniques taught in yoga are the same principles suggested in various relaxation exercises by psychiatrists to patients facing anxiety.

Here are a few Yoga Asanas recommended to combat depression and anxiety:

Child’s pose (Balaasana) – It improves blood circulation to the brain and is a soothing pose.

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose) – Increases blood flow to spine by stretching and helps relieve stress and spasms.

Advanced – Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) – Helps to increase blood flow to brain and also evokes attention and concentration.

Supported corpse pose (Shavasana) – Relaxation pose

Focused breathing – It helps in allaying anxiety by slowing down heart rate by focusing on one’s breathing.

Making yoga a part of your lifestyle has a plethora of benefits. Start today!!

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