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Singer Sayani Palit who is the Celebrity Judge, BIG Golden Voice Junior, Kolkata and National Winner of BIG Golden Voice Season 2 spoke with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent about her experiences of judging the show and her future plans. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- This is the first time that this singing reality show has been open for kids. What is your take on it?

Sayani Palit- It’s a great decision by 92.7 BIG FM to bring such a unique platform for kids across the country. I have been in this field for 20 years now. On other platforms, the participants get distracted by makeup, shooting and other things.  But in 92.7 BIG FM’s BIG Golden Voice the main focus is only on music, and I am happy for that.

How was the experience of judging the kids for this show?

Sayani Palit- I have been a part of the BIG Golden Voice senior show for three years. But this is the first time I am judging kids. Surprisingly, it turned out to be good. Children always cope up with the situations very easily. The seniors are generally tensed, whereas the kids are quite simple and talented.

How hard was saying “NO” to a participant at the show?

Sayani Palit- It was very difficult for me to select only one, because all the kids were very talented. But I had to choose only one, so yes it was very difficult.


You have been a winner of Big Golden Voice yourself. How was the experience of now becoming a judge for the same show?

Sayani Palit- It is like home coming. I feel very nostalgic every time I come here. I have personally gone for four reality shows, but BIG Golden Voice is the only show where the focus is only on music. It is indeed an honour for me as in 2014, I became the national level winner of season 2 of 92.7 BIG FM’s BIG Golden Voice senior judged by Shankar Mahadevan. After that I made a debut in the Bollywood film KatiiBatti. 92.7 Big FM is like a family to me and I am hoping the best for this show as it is a unique platform to showcase talent.

Any memorable experience from judging the kids…

Sayani Palit- I would say the entire journey was memorable but that one instance I would like to mention about is when we announced Sharmista Debnath as the city winner of Kolkata and she was crying. She was so shocked and happy at the same time that she couldn’t believe that she has been chosen as the winner.

Do you think that reality show is a good platform for the kids to show their talents?

Sayani Palit- Everything has the right time. Competition always creates tension. But in kids, there is less of tension. BIG FM has come up with a good show where there is no wastage of time and provides a good platform to start a career. This is a good time for the kids to take part in a competition, as this is the starting point for them, they can easily groom themselves and get proper guidance. This is a very prestigious show, since it is on a national level. It is that one reality show, where so many talented voices are being encouraged.

Studies show that many kids who lose the show often suffer from depression and low self-esteem. How do you think these kids should handle the loss at such shows?

Sayani Palit- I personally feel that kids can’t be sad for too long. I think the youngsters suffer from depression rather the kids. It is possible that there can be an exception. I think the kids should learn and practice as much as they can. In other reality shows, the participants have to live outstation for 6 months or so. But for this very platform, the kids have to be here only for two weeks. This show brings forth the talent of kids without putting undue pressure on them.

What is your expectation from the show?

Sayani Palit- I feel, since this on-air singing talent hunt has been running successfully for many years, it will further encourage true talents in the future too. It is the only reality show where music is given importance than anything else. I believe that they are doing a wonderful job in promoting upcoming artists. Being a radio show, I believe it should be promoted more through twitter and Youtube so people know more about it.

What are your new projects?

Sayani Palit- I have been doing playback singing and concerts. I am also doing PhD in music, for the last one year. I do a lot of collaborations with composers, along with releasing content for my Youtube channel. Everyone has their own path. Some would want to be a playback singer, but I personally believe that as artists, we should give back to the audience.  I feel we should create our own content. Last January for Rahamanji’s birthday, I made a mash-up for him on his 50th birthday which he re-tweeted. Recently, I have worked with Shankar ji for ‘Enable India’. This is my second project with him.  I keep coming to Mumbai, and I hope people like my work. I am just hoping for the best.

Wishing the young singer all the best!!

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