Digital Release of Tai Janai Gaane by Asha Audio; Paroma’s New Take on Popular Song From Album Khyapar Gaan


Video: Digital Release of Tai Janai Gaane
Asha Audio organized the launch of the single Tai Janai Gaane, a popular song from the album Khyapar Gaan. Released in 1999, the song was featured in the last album of Mohiner Ghoraguli compiled by Late Gautam Chattopadhyay. Paroma has sung the cover version of this song that has been released digitally by Asha Audio.


Paroma’s song launch was done in the presence of Saswata Chattopadhyay, Anik Dutta and Mahua Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio.

Paroma was a core member of the band Mohiner Ghoraguli since 1995. She has sung the song keeping in mind the authenticity of the track. “The song has been written and composed by Arunendu Das. I have known him for a long time as he is a family friend. I have sung the song keeping in mind the authenticity of the song. This song unlike the other songs of the band was not so popular or well known among the people. With this initiative, I hope more people will come to know about this” said Paroma.


Saswata Chatterjee said “Since CDs are not bought by the people this is a good initiative to launch the song in the digital media. I am not much aware of the singles and the covers as they are new things. However I have been part of a web-series”.

The single will be available on YouTube and other online forums.

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