Variety of Indian and World Class Breads Available at Flurys For The Customers



Bread is the very base of our food since millennia. As a spiritual symbol, it has accompanied religious festivals and rites.

Chef Vikas Kumar, the executive chef at Flurys, has chosen to make some of the most popular breads of the world like the rustic country style crusty bread, Irish Soda Bread and the famous Italian ‘Slipper bread’ Ciabatta. At the same time, the chef have tried to improvise upon traditional European favourites like the famous Pumpernickel and the double baked twisted German bread, Dusseldorf Pretzel based on the Indian food habits and preferences and more.

Special ingredients have been specially flown in from different countries to provide the most authentic of tastes and flavours, for example black poppy seeds have been specially imported from Poland and Dark Rye from Russia.

Since the breads have a low shelf life (two days) and all breads might not be available at all times, customers are encouraged to pre-book in advance.

Available from June 29 to July 16, 2017, the pocket pinch begins from Rs 30 onward.

Priyanka Dutta

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