Press Conference of Bollywood Film Indu Sarkar; Film Set Against the Backdrop of Emergency


Video: Press Conference of Indu Sarkar

The press conference of Bollywood film Indu Sarkar took place recently. Present at the press conference was director Madhur Bhandarkar, Kirti Kulhari and Tota Roy Chowdhury.


Set in the backdrop of the emergency period in India, the story revolves around Indu Sarkar and her husband. Indu is an orphan and a poet. She has a stammering problem. Her husband Navin Sarkar works in the bureaucracy and the husband and the wife has an ideological difference. What happens next is what the film all about.


Speaking at the event, Madhur Bhandarkar said “This is a story of human relationships sets against the backdrop of emergency. I have always made films revolving around women. The films were also glamorous. But I wanted to make a period film. Hence Indu Sarkar came up”.

Actress Kirti Kulhari was much fascinated with the way the character shaped up in the film and that is what prompted her to take up this role. “It is always good to portray a strong character. But it is challenging when you can actually show the transition of the character from a not so strong person to a strong person gradually. The stammering that Indu does was also something that I have not attempted before. I consulted with a speck therapist to understand it, so that the audience would not laugh at the character”.


Tota Roy Chowdhury who plays Indu’s husband Navin Sarkar, was full of praises for the director and his co-actor. “I spent the best twenty four days of my life on the sets of Indu Sarkar. Despite making a film on such a difficult topic, Madhur sir never made us feel the tension of it. We all had such a good time on the sets. And Kirti, she has put in so much effort and had given a commendable performance in the film” said the actor.

Speaking about the controversies revolving around the film, Tota said “I simply do not understand how one can ask a creative person to show their work even before the artist wants it to be revealed. The trailer which is of three minutes duration has been taken in a wrong manner. Let the film release. After watching the film, one must give their opinions”.


Kirti said “I was working with Madhur for the first time and unlike his films, he is a person who likes to have fun on the sets. I like doing workshops before doing a film and Madhur did not conduct workshops. This was a new thing. We bonded well over the shooting of the film”.

 The film is eyeing for release on 28th July.

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