Non-Transfusion and Bloodless Surgeries Help in Better Recovery of Patients and Ensures High Success Rate of Operations



With complex diseases and cancers on the rise in today’s world, it has become important to be aware of processes with which life expectancy can be increased and success rate of operations can be increased. Dr. Suddhasattwa Sen, renowned gastro intestinal surgeon of India focused on the concept of non transfusion surgeries and bloodless surgeries.

Bloodless surgery has become important in today’s times because of the fact that many patients often die due to the amount of blood loss that happens during surgeries. He also highlighted on the fact that receiving someone else’s blood will also increase the chances of getting infected with some other disease.

The use of this technique has helped in the treatment of diseases like Hepatobiliary pancreatic cancer, non-cancer surgeries. This has been practiced in Eastern India and is at par with world standards.

With the help of this bloodless surgery, one can operate difficult cases easily and also help the patient recover quickly.

Priyanka Dutta

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