Interview: RJ Chaitali on Hosting Megmallar on 92.7 BIG FM and Her Monsoon Experiences (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Video: Exclusive Interview of RJ Chaitali on Megmallar

RJ Chaitali who hosts the show Sudhu Dujoney on 92.7 Big FM is part of the activity BIG Megmallar. The campaign focuses on banning use of plastics and also focuses on the romantic aspects of this season. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent engaged in an exciting conversation with RJ Chaitali. Excerpts from the chat…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Can you tell us something about this activity BIG Megmallar?
RJ Chaitali- This is a celebration of monsoon. Megmallar is actually an Indian Raga. We at BIG FM believe in doing something classy and that is why we all have come up with this idea to connect with the people during this season. This is a grand celebration of monsoon under a big umbrella.


What are the activities that are included in Megmallar?
RJ Chaitali- The social aspect of the campaign focuses on making the people aware of the fact that they must stop using plastics. This will help in eliminating water logging and also help in taking care of our environment. Apart from this we will also have memories and nostalgia associated with the season.

How long will this initiative run?
RJ Chaitali- This will continue throughout the month (Sraban month according to Bengali calendar). We are also coming up with a special session on Kishore Kumar’s birthday. Many untold stories about the singer will be narrated and special plans have been made for that day to celebrate the birthday of the legendary singer.

How has the response been so far?
RJ Chaitali- There is a segment where the audience can send pictures with rain as backdrop. We have got a great response from the audience. A woman sent a picture of her kid who was sailing paper boats in the accumulated rain water. The picture was very sweet. Hence you can understand that even in the age of selfie, taking pictures is still so much in vogue.

Can you share some experience that you had during this season?
RJ Chaitali- I went to College Street once to buy some books. By the time I completed buying the books, it was raining heavily. So I kept the books in a good bag to save them from getting wet and started walking in the rains. I was getting wet and people standing under shops were noticing me. The feeling was like I was a heroine who was shooting for some film and people were observing me (Laughs).

Food is an integral part of monsoons in Bengal. What are your food experiences during this season?
RJ Chaitali- I am a foodie. I love to eat. I avoid the khichdi but I am an avid fan of Hilsa and prawns. Not many people are aware that I am a professional food photographer. And fish finger and peyaji are among my favourite snacks during the monsoon.

Since you love to eat, are you into cooking too?
RJ Chaitali- Absolutely!! My parents are Baishnab. So non-vegetarian is not allowed in the house. However we have a separate kitchen where I cook whenever I get the time. But by the time I finish cooking and taking the photograph, the food gets cold. This happens every time.


How did you become a RJ?
RJ Chaitali- It was not a planned thing. I was doing a job as a newsreader in a television channel. Many of my seniors felt that I had a good voice and I must try my luck here. I dropped my resume and I was lucky that I got the chance. To be frank, I am glad that I am working here. Or else I would have resigned from my job had I been working somewhere else. I am lazy and unpunctual. I am glad that I joined BIG FM.

How has been your journey as a RJ?
RJ Chaitali- Oh!! It has been wonderful. I am glad I entered this profession.

Since you have a hectic schedule, how do you balance your work and private life?
RJ Chaitali- I cook as that is a huge stress buster. To cook for one’s family and to see the joy in the faces of your family members is a huge thing.

What is your message to your fans?
RJ Chaitali- Be positive and stay happy. Avoid negative thoughts. That will help you to be happy and also keep the people around you happy.

Wishing RJ Chaitali all the best for Megmallar and hoping that she continues to spread smiles in the lives of her audience!!

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