Book Launch of Eighteen Tides and a Tiger on World Tiger Day



To commemorate the occasion of World Tiger Day, Oxford Bookstore and TERI Books organized the launch of Eighteen Tides and a Tiger by Anjana Basu.

The Sunderbans, according to legend, a ghost tiger roars in the night. Rohan however finds the tiger to be real and the tiger needs to be rescued. On his internship, he is in the middle of a haunted land which is quite different from Corbett’s hilly country side. He needs to be rescued too. The help comes in the form of a girl. There is also a mystic presence at hand too. What happens next??

Speaking at the event, writer Anjana Basu said “Tigers are at the top of the food chain and they are important in maintaining the ecological balance. We must all strive to protect their habitat so that they do not become extinct”.

The book is easily available at the retail book shops and also at the online stores. Grab your copy now!!

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