Band Ronnie Ruststreet and Their Songs on Social Issues; Single Shong Rajyo Tribute To Ray’s Hirok Rajar Deshe



Shong Rajyo is a single recently released by the band Ronnie Ruststreet. The band consists of Prakriti on violin, Dripto on percussion, Somnath Chatterjee on bass guitar and Ronnie as singer-songwriter. The band members are inspired by the Jibon Mukhi songs popular predominantly in the 90’s. Social issues are a dominant theme recurring in their songs. They have stayed away from emotions like love in their songs as they feel that there are many social issues that needs to be addressed. The band was formed in 2015.

Shong Rajyo is a social satirical song written as a tribute to the evergreen classic of Satyajit Ray’s “Hirok Rajar Deshe”. Much like the film itself, the song revolves around an imaginary kingdom “Shong Rajyo”. One fine day, the king “shong er raja” decides to host an open poetry competition in an effort to find out who the most deserving “Shong” of his kingdom. The countrymen, deprived of opining over the years had already lost the power to think which led to submission of nothing more than thousands of blank papers.”Shong er Raja”, never more happier, declares himself as the undisputed best among the lot.

The single was released from INRECO on YouTube Channel and all other digital platforms.

The music video for the song has been created in a theatrical style where the entire song has been narrated visually into a short yet strong story portraying an imaginary courtroom with the three main characters and an array of masks representing the peasants of the kingdom. Produced and rendered by the video producing company Gyanascope, the look and feel of the entire video has been crafted to preserve the visual flavour of the film itself.

The band will release another single after the Pujas titled Pagol. The song will showcase how the people in the society brand a person to be mad if he/ she have any mental problems. In reality, that person may not be the mad person. The people branding them often may be the real mad individuals.

With such thoughts of highlighting the various aspects of society, the songs of Ronnie Ruststreet is quite refreshing and a welcome break from the songs that people normally hear.

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