Umar Sangsar-A Documentary on Mahalaya Set Against The Backdrop of Real Life Situations



A documentary film titled Umar Sangsar was released on YouTube. Directed and produced by Tarun Chakraborty and Jeet Chakraborty, the movie shows the importance of Mahalaya in a different manner.

The characters in the film are real life characters, who will be seen depicting the story of Mahalaya. The film shows Uma who fights against all the villains and protects herself from them. The message of the film is about women empowerment and self respect.

The cast of the film consists of Sapoorna as Uma, Jeet Chakraborty as Mahishasur, Bappa Ghosh as Shiv, Tulip as Laxmi and Arunima as Saraswati.

With so much going on in the society, the timing of this documentary could not have been better.

Priyanka Dutta

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