Documentary Kanya Rupeno Focuses on Women Idol Makers of Kumartuli



Since time immemorial, the worship of Devi Durga has been the biggest celebration of women power. However, even to this day women don’t get equal recognition for their talent, as their male counterparts in many fields.

In Kumartuli, the potter’s colony creates nearly 4000 Durga idols every year, and the contribution of women is either almost non-existent or not recognized. The very concept of a women clay sculptor is very often looked down upon. Traditionally the craft of clay modeling is being handed down from the father to the son. However, the times are changing.


PC Chandra Jewellers ‘Kanya Rupeno’ documentary celebrates the inspirational journey of China Pal, Mala Pal and Kakoli Pal. It reminds us to empower our daughters as well, so that they can follow their dreams, stand up for themselves and make everyone proud with their stories of success.

Priyanka Dutta

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