Interview: Actress Ridhima Ghosh on Playing Satyabati in Hoichoi Web Series (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Bengali actress Ridhima Ghosh who has played the role of Satyabati on the small screen will now be seen playing this character for web series especially for on demand video streaming platform Hoichoi. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress in an exclusive conversation about playing Satyabati for the web series. Exerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You have already played Satyabati for the small screen. How was it enacting the role for the web series?

Ridhima Ghosh- Well, it was a great experience. Satyabati is one of my favourite characters. The character and the story is the same. What is different is the treatment. The treatment is way “cool” than has been done in any films or serial till now.

Are you present from the first episode?

Ridhima Ghosh- No, I will be seen from the second episode. Arthamanartham is the story in which I will be seen. The experience is great. Two stories per episode will be shown to the audiences.


Anirban plays Byomkesh in the web-series. How was it sharing screen space with him?

Ridhima Ghosh- He is a friend in real life. We had a great time shooting the web-series. We used to fight, quarrel-just like two friends would do. When Anirban signed the project, Gaurav and I were the first ones who were informed by him.

What are your favourite Byomkesh Stories?

Ridhima Ghosh- I have read most of the stories of Byomkesh Baksi and choosing one is difficult. Arthamanartha,  Durgo Rahasya are some of my favourite stories. I often wish I could play Byomkesh on screen.

If you are given the chance of playing a female detective on screen, will you do it?

Ridhima Ghosh- I would love to do a detective film with a female detective. I also want to do an action film which will have great chase sequences like Wonder Woman.


With the advent of web-series and the growing popularity of this genre, do you think that films and serials will suffer?

Ridhima Ghosh- I do not think that films will be affected by it. Films have a different charm which is different from that of television. Content is the king and script is the queen now. Web-series are coming up with fascinating content and television needs to go up with good content so as to capture the attention of the audience.

Feluda has been given a contemporary touch in the recently released web-series. Do you think Byomkesh can be given such a touch?

Ridhima Ghosh- Why not? Some changes need to be made to the story so that the story suits the tastes of the contemporary audience. The series have to be made intelligently and smartly. The series will then surely work out.

We hope that Ridhima Ghosh gets much love from the audience by playing Satyabati for the web-series.

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