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Argha Deep Chatterjee is debuting as director with the soon to release Bengali film Jojo. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director in an exclusive telephonic chat. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You are making your debut with a film on paranormal elements. Why did you select this genre?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- Paranormal is among my favourite genres. The last film I was associated with as an actor and with developing the storyline-Manihara also fell in this genre. This film that I made, Jojo is simply not a film on ghosts. I will rather call it a story dealing with paranormal elements. This genre has not been much exploited in Bengali films. This is not the cliché doll ghosts that many audiences have seen in many films.

Can you shed some light on the story of the film?
Argha Deep Chatterjee– The story of the film shows the journey of a woman. This is more of a horror story than a typical film on ghosts. Mrittika is the typical city girl. She has a good job, a boyfriend. She leads a sorted life. How an incident happening in the course of the night changes her life and causes troubles in her life is what the film all about.


Tell us something about the cast of the film.
Argha Deep Chatterjee- Darshana Banik will be seen in the lead role of Mrittika, Saayoni Ghosh plays her friend Poulomi’s role. Anirban Bhattacharya will be seen in the role of Anirban. Satyam Bhattacharya plays the role of Darshana’s boyfriend.

Why did you choose Darshana for the lead role?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- I wanted a fresh face to showcase the journey of the young woman from a sorted life to a life of troubles. I know many accomplished actresses would have been able to do the role. But the audiences will know how they will react to certain situations. Darshana on the other hand will be a surprise package. She has an innocent face which further adds to the charm. When we were editing the shots, we were thinking which one to delete. She looked fabulous in each and every shot.

Many films on ghosts have released in the recent past. Audiences may seem to confuse the film with some other films. Will that be troublesome for Jojo?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- No, actually I am taking this in a positive manner. This is simply because if the audiences think that Jojo and the other films are same, they will be curious. That will lead them to go to the hall and watch the film. That will be helpful for the film and they also will come to know that the film will provide them a different cinematic experience altogether.

Where did you do the shooting of the film?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- Some parts of the film have been shot in Kolkata. The portion of Bilaspur shown in the film has been shot in Baruipur Rajbari.

Who has composed the music of the film?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- Nilanjan Ghosh has composed the music of the film. There are two songs in the film. Ujjaini has sung the theme song of the film which will be released in a video format soon.

Do you believe in ghosts yourself?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- I neither believe in them nor do I disbelieve them. I am in the neutral zone. I know there is another dimension and if they do exist, I am highly curious about them.

Which are your favourite ghost films?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- This is the most difficult question as the list is endless. Grudge, Dracula, Annabelle- the list is huge. Ram Gopal Verma’s Raat was also a film that I liked very much and which inspired me to do work in this genre.

What is your expectation from the film?
Argha Deep Chatterjee- This is my directorial debut. Hence I am both excited and nervous. This is a great period for independent films. Content and performance driven films are getting appreciated. Jojo is content and performance oriented film. I sincerely hope that the audiences will appreciate the effort that we have made.

The film is slated for release on 1st December and we wish the debutant director all the best!!

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